Monitoring & Research

Apprenticeship systems are market driven and demand led. Monitoring of the system therefore plays an important role in ensuring its dynamism, which builds on matching supply and demand. The social partners play an active role in monitoring developments. A range of different actors including social partners, universities, consultancies and the government undertake research and studies, which feed into the development and management of the system.

Monitoring & Research in Austria

In Austria there are mainly two non-university research institutes (ibw and öibf) affiliated to the social partners, which carry out a significant amount of VET research. On a bi-annual basis these two organisations jointly prepare the report on the “Situation of Youth-Employment and Apprenticeship in Austria.”

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Monitoring & Research in Denmark

The Danish VET system is governed by target and quality performance management. Statistics play a central role in the monitoring of system performance. The legislation stipulates that the colleges must have a quality assurance system in place, and the ongoing monitoring is supported by development and research.

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Monitoring & Research in Germany

VET research and monitoring are regulated in the vocational training act as a main task of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB). Several university chairs for vocational education and training and independently operated institutions are conducting VET research and monitoring as well as research institutes linked with social partners organisations.

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Monitoring & Research in Luxembourg

Several organisations, associations, committees and exchange networks research and monitor issues related to the VET system and the labour market in general. The Training Observatory of the National Institute for the Development of Continuing Vocational Training (INFPC) for instance has been established in 2012 to treat questions related to the identification of training needs on the labour market and to the transition of young people from VET to the working life.

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Monitoring & Research in Switzerland

The monitoring of VET is conducted by the Federal Office for Statistics and SERI, as well as by the Swiss Coordination Centre for Research in Education (SCCRE). The Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (SFIVET) is the Swiss governmental centre of competence for the provision of tertiary-level basic and continuing training to VET actors, for the development of occupations and for VET research. The Swiss confederation supports and funds the sustainable establishment of VET research in Leading Houses and individual research projects at Higher Education institutions.

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